Call centres using mobile data for agents to WFH experience poor call quality, dropped calls, high data usage, lack of agent device control and visibility, and increased security risk…

VPNs are dead!

For nearly three decades, the world of secure remote access has been dominated by the remote access VPN. The world has changed with Working From Home being the new normal – unfortunately, legacy VPN’s as we know it couldn’t change at the same pace. The VPN simply wasn’t built for the security, scalability, or visibility needs of today.

A new approach is displacing the VPN...

Defined by Gartner as zero-trust-network-access (ZTNA) and also known as the software-defined perimeter (SDP), it enables enterprises to extend agile, secure, precision access—access that’s just what users need, just when they need it, nothing more.

Most companies that were forced into massive WFH deployment have done “all the right things” using APN data and various forms of VPN’s. The more technically astute companies might even be using web-gateways like ZScaler. 


Even with these “seemingly best-of-class-technology”, all the companies that deployed any combination of mobile data and VPN’s are still facing some of these challenges, if not all of them… and this is how NetMotion solves all of them.

NetMotion is unlike any remote access solution you’ve seen before


NetMotion’s Data compression and acceleration sharply reduces unnecessary network overhead, and policies ensure that expensive cellular data are used appropriately.

NetMotion’s Policies dictate which applications are allowed to use which networks; secure tunnelling encrypts sensitive data as it traverses public networks.

NetMotion makes connections much more reliable and therefore reduces the number of issues; however, when issues do occur, NetMotion Diagnostics launch automatically to determine the root cause and restore worker productivity quickly.

NetMotion users can roam between Wi-Fi access points, from Wi-Fi to cellular, or between different cellular networks or towers without performing additional log-ins or without dropping any connection or voice/video call. 

NetMotion’s proprietary Quality-of-Service, traffic shaping and traffic optimisation technology gives priority to real-time applications, and data acceleration makes voice and video usable over intermittent mobile data connections allowing for up to 50% packet-loss while still reconstructing the perfect voice call.

NetMotion optimises and maintains data connections making any application run reliably, including those that were not designed with mobile networks in mind.

NetMotion users only sign on once at the start of the workday, and the software handles subsequent log-ins transparently as the device switches between connections and networks.

NetMotion delivers constant real-time analytics on mobile devices (Windows, iOS, and Android), applications and networks – private and public. This detailed data view offers an accurate picture of how the WFH employee’s device and applications are consuming data; allowing IT to make smarter decisions to tune and enhance the user experience and productivity. 

NetMotion allows for fine-grained administrative control over applications, devices and networks creating a connection that automatically responds to a mobile device’s ever-changing environment, including the time of day, geography, network conditions and data demand. Policies allow an administrator to control costs and keep users productive. WFH employees stay focused on their jobs instead of their mobile devices.

Solving the Challenges of Modern Remote Access​

Remote access technology was thought of as a dying technology until COVID-19 changed the way people work. This research by Gartner offers guidance, including a decision tree, for security and risk management leaders to solve the challenges of quickly scaling large-scale modern remote access.

NetMotion Key Features

Mobile Traffic Optimisation

Patented technology that stabilises and enhances the network, built specifically for the mobile worker. Never drop a call and create the perfect voice call even with up to 50% packet loss – the only way to ensure the highest quality voice calls using mobile data.

Military Grade Security

Replace your VPN with the highest level of Zero Trust Security while still using cheap retail mobile data to save costs. NetMotion SDP provides a more intelligent way to deliver secure remote access, protecting users from risky content and securing enterprise resources from unapproved access.

Adaptive Policy Management To Keep WFH Employees Productive​

Fine-grained administrative control over applications, devices and network allow an administrator to control costs and keep users productive.

Performance Analytics & Diagnostics

NetMotion Analytics and Diagnostics deliver deep insights on remote workers, visualised in real-time dashboards. Diagnose issues, identify opportunities and take action to improve the employee experience.

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