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Call Centre Speech Analytics is a South African developed product with advanced speech-to-text technology. It was developed specifically for the South African dialects and can currently transcribe four national languages. You will have insight into your business as never before!

It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it. If you think about that, you’ll do things differently.

Warren Buffett

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Speech Analytics can automate your discovery of fraud and majorly improve quality assurance in your business.

Regulatory intervention can be severely damaging to any business.  With Speech Analytics you will be aware of the risk that your business is exposed to on a daily basis.

Ensuring compliance in agent conversations is tedious and labour intensive.  With basic queries you can now  automate this entire process and create reports and dashboards that will greatly improve compliance.

With CC Speech Analytics you can segment campaigns at a granular level.  Call Centre Manager’s gain insight into the causes of performance on campaigns and into agent behaviour.

By profiling agent behaviours we can determine commonalities and train agents with those behaviours to increase their effectiveness.  Training Departments can also test the usage of particular phrases with effective outcomes to tailor their training programs accordingly.

Management will have a visual representation of the cause of the lack of performance for a product, be it agent behaviour or customer reactions.

Oversight over supervisors and team leaders is lacking due to management capacity constraints. Dashboards can be created for scoring individual teams based on detailed performance scorecards.
Managers now have an objective score of team performance which allows for further coaching and mentoring.

A dashboard widget can be constructed combining multiple queries to compare positive sentiment vs negative sentiment.

Management get a much more accurate, less extreme, reflection of the call centres maturity, performance and the resulting customer satisfaction.

The process of CC Speech Analytics

CC Speech Analytics Platform

The Dashboard

With a variety of customised dashboard cards displaying graphs, tables and word clouds, you can monitor interactions between agents and customers on a daily basis. 

A variation of filters can be applied for an in-depth view of the health and productivity of your call centre.  This will provide valuable insight to potential or existing problems and  assist in continuously improving your call centre business. 


CC Speech Analytics, specially designed for the South African dialect, can transcribe 4 official South African languages.

Advanced speech-to-text technology allows for the calls to be transcribed and from this view all calls can be listened to and categories using tags.  

The speech bubbles make the reading effortless and easy.  You can fast track listening by selecting a specific speech bubble and listening to the call at that specific point.  Vice versa is also possible by selecting a specific spot on the recording and jumping directly to the relevant transcribed speech bubble.


Vital to the engine room of any speech analytics solution is the ability to build queries.  On this view you can build queries and search through all transcribed call recordings. 

These custom queries will not only help you do QA at a very granular and accurate level, but will undeniably change the future of your call centre. 

The list of use cases are endless and are only limited by your imagination.  Contact us NOW to schedule a free demo and to go through some of theses use cases relevant to your business.

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