The ADCON Predictive Dialler automatically calls leads and only connects an agent once the call is answered. Boost productivity and agent performance like never before. ADCON Cloud uses sophisticated algorithms to reduce agent downtime and boost performance.

Adcon Dialer


  • Calls only connected to agents once answered.
  • Reduce time wasted manually dialling numbers.
  • Intelligent voicemail detection.
  • Reduced agent down-time.
  • Detailed reporting and statistics.
  • Integrated Call Recording.
  • Integration with Excalibur Debt Collection Software
  • Pause call recording for compliance.
  • Recycling of specified status calls at a specified interval.

Manual dialling used to be the standard. salespeople, managers, and call centre agents would break out their list of phone numbers and dial them one digit at a time, wait for someone to answer, and move on to the next phone number. This process would be repeated ad infinitum. That all changed with the ADCON Predictive Dialler.

Our Predictive Dialler predicatively calls multiple numbers at once based on  sophisticated algorithms, but only connects a call to an agent once a human being is on the line. This dramatically boosts agent performance and productivity and saves call centres a lot of money.

1 %
Increase in agent productivity
1 %
Increase in contactability
1 Hr
With AMD you gain up to 1 hour in talk time

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