Work From Home

Connecting WFH (Work From Home) Employees Securely

With COVID-19, the world is a different place. Call Centres and Businesses are forced to have their employees work from home, and we believe working from home will become the standard. ADCON Tech is ready to lead this change with industry-leading cloud telephony, giving clients 99,999% uptime. We have the most redundant carrier-grade voice platform and uses the latest technology in cloud computing; we have no choice because some of our customers are medical aids and banks. Since the COVID-19 Lockdown, we have successfully connected 1000s of employees to work from home for our customers. You can now run your business on the same technology our customers use at the lowest cost guaranteed.

"If call quality and data security are a concern, we highly recommend that you Do NOT use standard data SIMs; even if your data or voice calls run through a VPN. Hackers use simple rootkits to hack agent devices that use VPNs on normal data sims. Also, voice over data SIMs are not prioritised, and you will experience call quality from time to time. That is why we recommend that your agent uses our APN SIMs to access critical data and make voice calls. APN data is the only way to connect WFH agents securely. You can also control every aspect of the data that goes over every SIM using the management portal."

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